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Through my 10 lesson online video course, that you can watch and practice from the comfort of your own home, I'm going to show you techniques that will ensure that you know how to handle every aspect of your pregnancy.

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In this online course that, you can do anytime, anywhere, I will teach you:

* How to connect to your body and feel what it's telling you

* Exercises to strengthen your pelvis through simple exercises

* How to relax during your pregnancy AND while giving birth

* To trust in your pregnant body

* How to relax during AND in between your contractions

* Movements EVERY pregnant woman can use

* How to breathe to catch the contractions

* How to ease the pain

* Techniques to use while actually giving birth

* How to release neck and shoulder tension

* Enrich your pregnancy with movements and breath

* Learn how to be in perfect mental health for the birth


'April, I can't thank you enough for what you taught me. Without your tips, tricks and advice I could not have done it! The hospital staff were full of compliments for your techniques!'

Body Breath Trust


Trust in your own body. In the Netherlands they have a thing called a ‘birth plan’, this is where the expectant mother writes down how she would like the birth to go BUT, as in life, things rarely go how we plan them. Read more about this subject here.


I will teach and show you techniques to give you confidence in your breathing and to use it to relax, concentrate and give you real strength and relaxation in the pregnancy and during the birth.


Using BREATH and BODY I will teach you how to relax and to trust your own capabilities. This is one of the most important things I’m going to teach you – TRUST Trust in your BODY Trust in your BREATH

Follow professional yoga classes from the comfort of your own home for only $35.00 per month!!


This is our little girl Daphne,

She was born on the 12th September. She’s doing really well! I had quite a turbulent birth and the nurses congratulated me on the breathing techniques I learned during the pregnancy yoga with April, that helped keep me concentrated and calm during the birth.

Thanks April!



I can highly recommend April’s pregnancy yoga lessons!

For a moment of relaxation during the pregnancy, the opportunity to be with other expectant Mothers and the warmth that brings and the fantastic Water Yoga!

The breathing techniques, the trust and the connection that you make with your child that is built up by April during the lessons is something beyond words and definitely helps during the actual pregnancy!!

Our baby Mick is now 12 weeks.



Vic was born at 11.43 on the 24th August 2020.

Everything went really well, the whole birth took 9 hours. I received lots and lots of compliments from the nurses about my breathing techniques to help catch the contractions! The midwife said that she could immediately see that I had been practising yoga with April!

A huge thank you to April!



Last night our daughter was born! Her name is Elke.

We are grateful and so happy, everything went so well!

I got so much out of the pregnancy yoga lessons with April and I can’t thank her enough for all the good tips!

Ladies, good luck with your pregnancy and with the birth, you can do it!


I have followed both the Pregnancy and Hatha yoga classes.

Both had a fantastic impact on my physical and mental well-being.

April is hugely experienced and guides you personally what you need during the pregnancy.

Her enormous warmth and spontaneity make sure that every lesson is hugely enjoyable and you learn to listen better to your body and mind.

The lessons have helped me enormously and I thank April every day for the help she gave me.



Yesterday our daughter Féline was born!

Everything went really well. The yoga helped me enormously!

I received lots of compliments at the hospital about my breathing!

Ladies, come on, you can do it!


During my pregnancy I took pregnancy yoga classes with April.

It was a fantastic time of relaxation together with the new miracle in my tummy!

The Water Yoga is an extra gift that you really don’t want to miss!

Especially during my second pregnancy I found the exercises we learned particularly useful because it meant I could have a fully natural birth without any artificial help.



Nava Born 02.09.2020

Yesterday we became proud parents of our daughter Nava.

2 years ago I had a Caesarean but this time I had a natural birth, this was a magical experience, something that I can’t put into words!

By both pregnancies I attended Aprils’ pregnancy yoga classes, I found that not only was it relaxing to have an hour for myself but also to share the preparation for the pregnancy with other pregnant women, this made the whole experience more enjoyable.

I spent the whole birth in my own bubble and was concentrating the whole time on the breathing techniques that April had taught me, this helped tremendously with catching and breathing through the contractions.

The midwife and the hospital staff were really impressed, so a massive compliment to April’s teaching!

I hope you get as much out of it as I did!

Thanks April!!



April gives fantastic pregnancy yoga that is easy to follow for everyone! Every week is an hour for yourself and for your baby in a lovely, relaxed atmosphere.

If you ever have the opportunity I highly recommend taking the opportunity to take a lesson in the water with April, it’s fantastic!



Thank you April for the exercises in helping me catch the contractions!

Dani is doing well!



I found the weekly lessons with April a fantastic moment of relaxation and a moment to really make contact with the small, living being in my stomach. Also, it really, really helped me when it came to the birth.

The different’ asana’s (poses) to catch the contractions were really useful and helped me when the contractions how to ACTUALLY deal with them and every lesson this was practised and practised until it became natural! 

The red line that runs through the lesson is breathing, I never knew just how important that was!

Through using my breath in the right way and being aware, I could close out the pain and make it bearable, this was constantly practised during the lessons.

Due to the baby turning during the 36th week I had the chance to turn the practices into reality…a painless experience where, because I was able to fully relax, the baby was able to be turned turn in under two minutes!!

Also, the different techniques and poses helped me get through without having to take any medication despite having a very complex birth.

April makes you aware of your mindset and breathing, she teaches you to how to fully relax and trust your own body. I used to be very scared of anything medical but now I’m a lot more relaxed and confident.

Finally, the water yoga is absolutely fantastic and I think that even people who aren’t pregnant should try it! It’s a great experience and such fun!

If you are pregnant and looking for the right person to guide you through your pregnancy then I can fully recommend YogawithApril, a fantastic experience!

April, I can’t thank you enough for what you taught me. Without your tips, tricks and advice I could not have done it! The hospital staff were full of compliments for your techniques!!



May I introduce myself? I am Liv Stans, after 41 weeks and 6 days, my birth was induced and, finally with a Caesarean I arrived in the world  at 03.09 tonight! It’s all going well with us!

Despite the Caesarean I had massive contractions for 3 days and the breathing techniques I learned from April helped me massively during this time, Thank you so much!!


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