About April

Who is April?

I am April Bopp, I was born in the United States, am a mother of 3 children and have a yoga studio in the Netherlands, at the Thermen, Born in the south of the country.

Some of my diplomas include:
- Hatha Yoga Diploma (3 year term)
- Diploma (2 year) Meditation Training Pregnancy Yoga Diploma - more than 1,000 pregnant women have passed through my pregnancy yoga studio!
- 35 years of experience in various Yoga disciplines

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Or pay me a visit if you live close by:
Themen Born Langereweg 21 A 6121 SB Born

I have studied meditation and exercises from the 'Mother Tantra’, belonging to the study programme ’The path to transformation’ by Tenzin Wangyal Rinpoche.

I am a yearly attendee at the Amsterdam seminar and have visited Japan several times to study yoga and meditation and to broaden my experience and knowledge, it was a beautiful experience and very educational!