Trust in your own body. In the Netherlands they have a thing called a ‘birth plan’, this is where the expectant mother writes down how she would like the birth to go BUT, as in life, things rarely go how we plan them. Read more about this subject here.

Birth plans

Birth plans are good as they help give mothers some guidance but what I teach you is to have confidence in your own capabilities, however things are going, they will help you to listen to your own intuition, to have trust in those that are guiding you at the time of the birth and, to remind you, that during this intense time, even if it’s not going how you planned (and it probably won’t!) that you have the necessary skills and techniques to handle anything that happens during the birth and to surrender to what happens at that moment.


Fear is one of the biggest obstacles women face when giving birth, fear of the pain, fear of getting it wrong, fear of losing touch with themselves – these are all very normal things and I will teach how to deal with all of these totally rational fears and give you the tools to help give you the belief that you and your baby can do this!

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