I will teach and show you techniques to give you confidence in your breathing and to use it to relax, concentrate and give you real strength and relaxation in the pregnancy and during the birth.


I’ll show you how to use your breath so you can stay as relaxed as possible and show you EXACT breathing techniques, you can then use my techniques I’ll show you how to release the natural endorphins in order to give you as natural a birth as possible.

There are movements I teach that will help you develop your body and make it as supple and strong as possible to prepare you for your birth.


I will provide specific focus on strengthening your pelvic area as during pregnancy the muscles in the pelvis become weaker so by using my techniques you can be sure that your pelvic area will be as strong as it possibly could be.

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Through my 10 lesson online video course, that you can watch and practice from the comfort of your own home, I'm going to show you techniques that will ensure that you know how to handle every aspect of your pregnancy.