Pregnancy Yoga – Body Breath Trust

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In this course I’ll show you how to:

  • Prepare your body for birth
  • I’ll teach you how to trust yourself and your body
  • How to catch your contractions using your breath

One of the questions I am frequently asked is; ‘Can I do this course if I’m going to have a Caesarean birth?’.

The answer is YES!

I’ve had numerous women on my course who have had Caesarean births and they found the course to be a fantastic help, the hours they spent with all the attention focused on their baby and away from their busy lives, gave them great confidence and enabled them to look forward to their birth.

Connecting with your body, your breath and your baby Learning to listen to your body Strength, relaxation – pelvic strengthening exercise and tips how to relax during your pregnancy and while giving birth Trust in your pregnant body Meditation – creating silence and rest in your pregnant body Movements for EVERY pregnant woman How to breathe to catch the contractions and ease the pain, learn the 'anti-push’ technique – the breath to use while actually giving birth Releasing neck and shoulder tension Enriching your pregnancy through yoga movements and breath Mental Health – a healthy mind is a healthy body “mens sana in corpore sano’ – giving you the mental strength for the final leg of your journey.

Lesson description

I designed this course after realising I had helped over a thousand women through their pregnancies and they took the things they had learned from me and used it during their births, they even told me later that they heard my voice while giving birth giving instructions!

This made me think that I need to offer this knowledge to pregnant women around the world.

This course will really enhance your experience of pregnancy whilst connecting with your child, this whole course is centred around making a loving connection with your unborn baby.

You will find tips on every aspect and level of your pregnancy to ensure that you really enjoy this time and connect with your baby and that you when you are ready to give birth you are fully prepared and confident.