Frequently Asked Questions

Yes you can start from 15 weeks or earlier if you prefer

No! You don’t need any experience with Yoga whatsoever

Normally my ladies start at 15 weeks and you can stop whenever you give birth

Most of my women have never experienced breathing techniques before and I’ll be there to guide you through it.

I’ve helped over a thousand women through the last 15 years

Yes I can offer these however as these are time consuming there is a different pricepoint for these

I’ve never practiced yoga before, is that a problem? This is NOT a problem at all, most of my students haven’t as this is a whole different form of yoga, we are preparing to give birth and connect with our Body, Breath and Baby.

Because it’s very important to have ‘me time’ to connect with your baby. It’s even more important sometimes with a second or third baby because from my experience women say it goes so fast that they don’t have time to experience their pregnancy as they are so busy with their other children! My course will help give you that precious time to really connect with your baby and consciously enjoy your pregnancy.

In my experience even if you know that you will be having a Caesarean it’s still important to spend precious time with your unborn child, make a connection with your breath, give yourself space to relax and learn techniques that will improve the quality of your pregnancy.

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